Single Muslim Hipster Seeking Same? You May Be In Luck.

Hipster Shaadi

Since moving to Canada four years ago, Annie Idris has tried her fair share of Muslim matrimonial sites. Four or five, by her guess. “But I haven’t been lucky,” she says.

The 31-year-old, whose parents are from Pakistan and who grew up mostly in Saudi Arabia, says it’s mostly cultural differences getting in the way — the men are sometimes too conservative for her taste, or they don’t share her interests. She’s talked to plenty of eligible bachelors, but none have been The One.

Around her home in Toronto, she says she doesn’t often meet potential suitors who meet her “priority questions”: Is he open-minded, thoughtful, honest? Does he hate Bollywood movies, like her? Most importantly, is he Muslim?

About a month ago, a friend sent Idris to Only about a month old, the community there is still small. The primary target: young hipsters, with usernames like “okra_lover” and “Hungry_Hungry_Hijabi.” They’re artists and doctors and M.B.A students. They’re from Arizona, New York City, California, Delaware, even Canada. They’re all looking for love. And they’re all Muslim.

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