Put a Lid On It: 2013 Edition

Well, that’s that. 2013 is over, and holy hell, did a lot of stuff happen this year. I mean, a lot of stuff happens every year–let’s not exaggerate the enormity of this particular one–but a lot of BIG stuff happened these past 12 months. And as people are wont to do every December 31, I am of course compelled to reflect on just what exactly happened this year before kicking off the next.

So, to recap:

-finished grad school and got a master’s degree in journalism

-moved to another new city

-moved twice more within that same city (and swore I never would again, both of those times)

-interned at AFP

-began internship at NPR

-made some surprising new friendships–surprising in the best way possible

-was reunited with best friend, Brandon, when he moved to the same time zone (I’d prefer he moved within walking distance, like in Denver, but having him a four-hour bus ride away makes my life a little more complete)

-had about as serious a relationship as I’ve ever had (and then watched as the relationship ended in the most protracted, painful way)

-took a break from dating (angering my mom), then started dating again (delighting my mom)

-finally started learning Arabic

-started learning ASL

There’s plenty I didn’t get to, as well–I didn’t leave the country, for instance, and never did get a tattoo like I wanted to. Foresight has never been my strong suit. But still, I went into this year with a vague notion of how things would play out, and even though I’ve careened far off that course and in a direction I’m still not clear about, I wouldn’t change a thing about where I am now (except maybe my living situation–D.C. real estate is. the. worst).

As for 2014, I, as usual, have only some watery ideas for what I want to accomplish, how I can be a “better” version of my 2013 self. I’m set on some concrete goals: visit at least one new country, and get a job.* But in general, my goals for the future year are pretty much the same as they are every New Year’s:

-create more–write, knit, make jewelry, cook, draw (poorly), paint (even more poorly)

-be more open and more generous, in every way

-do a better job of staying in touch with far-away friends

-trust that things will work out the way they are supposed to

-face problems head-on

-give myself more credit, because 25 1/2 years in, I still haven’t fucked things up too terribly

I’m more excited to be starting a new year than I am sad to be leaving the old one. I’m as a nostalgic person as any, but  I love the idea of fresh starts, no matter how arbitrary. I’ll be in a new house in a new neighborhood, starting a new semester at NPR, looking for a new job, maybe even getting a new tattoo. I’m ready for 2014.

*job will ideally be in journalism, and more specifically, in public radio–so I can use my degree but never fully pay it off