Two-months-ago-gram: Dickinson’s downtown art scene

I took these photos almost two months ago for a story on a group of artists’ efforts to beautify downtown Dickinson, a lovely few blocks of brick buildings and independent shops that unfortunately have gone without a sprucing up for many decades.



This patch of land

I photographed the 21st annual Taylor Horse Fest Saturday (it’s exactly what it sounds like) and had to appreciate how completely North Dakotan it is to “honor the animal that played such a major part” in the roughly 200-person town’s heritage.

A journalist I respect very much gave me some interesting advice last week: “…keep note of what makes this patch of land different from the rest of the USA.” I’m making it my goal to remember this throughout the rest of my time here.

St. Joseph’s Health

CHI St. Joseph’s Health held a ‘dusty-shoe tour’ for media today — a sneak peak into their new facility in Dickinson.

There’s a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

Went to New York City over the weekend to see a friend and finally got to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. It was just like in the movies, if that movie is Night of the Living Dead. (So many people. So much shuffling.)

But really, it was as beautiful as I expected and I took far too many pictures with my phone, so I fit right in with the slow-moving, selfie-taking masses.