One of my first formal decrees as the paper’s first “Multimedia Editor” was to start a weekly online-only feature called “ICYMI.” It is an acronym I made up completely by myself that stands for “In Case You Missed It.” I am thinking of having it copyrighted.

It’s more or less what it sounds like: Every Sunday night I gather up the last week’s biggest stories–whether “biggest” means most Facebook likes or comments, longest-trending on our site, or just most important (e.g. not a lot of people here went nuts over Ted Cruz’s announcement that he’s running for president in 2016, but it was still a big national conversation for a couple of days).

The feature has been an easy way to give a tiny jolt (usually short-lived, just a day or so) of new life to a slightly aged story, and to repackage some old material to put on the site during our generally slow Monday mornings (our paper doesn’t publish Mondays). It’s by no means original–except for the acronym, which I most certainly invented–but so far I think it’s been a good addition to our site and a good driver of some (new? more?) traffic to some of our best stories.